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Why Zumba is so great


Zumba is a huge craze all over the world.  It's very simple to understand because Zumba is so awesome and everyone loves it. If you don't know about Zumba, you have to try it to understand.  It utilizes Latin salsa music and has you dancing doing awesome moves to the music.  There are classes where you can go do it with other people, and it is an amazing way to lose weight.  I believe it is also the world's largest fitness craze to date.

The reason people are in love with Zumba is because it is so fun.  Dancing and having a great time with friends is so awesome because it keeps you motivated.  Everyone loves dancing, and the music and beat keep you going!

Zumba is great because you don't need expensive gear like a treadmill, weights or any of that stuff they try to sell you on infomercials.  To lose weight the Zumba way all you need is salsa music and maybe some instruction on the dance moves. You can go take a class or buy some dvds online.

A important factor of being a Zumba participant is having proper footwear.  Zumba shoes are designed with the dancing in mind, the jumping, twisting etc.  They accommodate this with the proper cushioning, structure, support and more.  They also have other great features that make up a zumba shoe like spin spots and stuff like that.

Wearing the wrong kind of shoe for Zumba can have you in severe pain after a workout.  Zumba is tough on your feet like any other physical activity and wearing the wrong shoe puts strains on your muscles and tendons, and can even cause sprains or worse.  Everything in your body can be affected by your feet, they hold up your entire body! Treat them right and get a real pair of Zumba shoes.

You can't find good Zumba shoes in a store in person but ordering online is a breeze.  You should do some more reading though on Zumba shoes before you just buy the first pair you see, so head over to They have a ton of great information on zumba shoes and what type you should get.  Keep on dancing Zumba and have fun, that's the most important part!


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